Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : tourism industry

Factors That Influence Online Behaviour In Purchasing Hotel Room Via Website Among Tourists

Raja Norliana Raja Omar; Nik Alif Amri Nik Hashim; Eni Noreni Mohamad Zain; Shah Iskandar Fahmie Ramlee; Ahmad Faiz Abdul Halim; Amer Firdaus Mohd Rohzi; Mohd Hadi Asyraf Nor Azlin; Wan Muhammad Nuriman Wan Mat

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 219-229

One of the fastest-growing industries in the world is the tourism industry, which is one of the major contributors to the services sector including Malaysia’s economy. In essence, the Tourism and Hospitality industry plays a major role in supporting Malaysian tourism. This paper investigated the factors that influence online booking behaviour by employing a quantitative research approach through descriptive research. These factors include independent variables such as location, price, safety, and facilities that may affect the online reviews and valence reviews towards the dependent variable, which is the hotel choice. Furthermore, the aim of this study is to discover or describe the behaviour in the usage of hotel booking systems. With the fast-growing tourism and hospitality industry, the pattern of hotel booking has also changed from the conventional booking system to online and paperless booking. This study has contributed to the literature on Tourism and Hospitality area that requires more research.


Dr. M. Marimuthu; Vinod Thomas

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 847-853

Tourism in Kerala a fastest growing industry, and a popular tourist destination
in the country. Kerala state blessed with western Ghats, wildlife sanctuaries, wide costrel
areas, beautiful landscape which attract domestic as well as foreign tourists. The state
tourism development corporation promote ecologically sustained tourism that strengthen
local culture, environment friendly development, generation of employment of local people,
preserving the natural beauty of rural areas. Kerala tourism occupies a significant role in
the state economy by contributing more than 10% of the GDP and providing employment
to 1.5 Million people in the state
The tourism industry is properly planned, developed and managed at all levels by the
government result in high economic growth, creation of new employment opportunities,
and better living standard of local people. Tourism department of Kerala frame policies
and plans to strengthen states cultural heritage, natural treasure and lead to positive
economic results especially in rural areas.

An Analysis Of Punter Satisfaction On Hotel Industry With Respect To Vijayawada City

Mr.Sk.Kalisha Vali; Dr.R.Pradeep Kumar Patnaik

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2937-2942

Retaining punter satisfaction is the primary exiting challenges of service trade management. Quality service is also a crucialaspect in the field of viable market. Lam and Zhang (1999) says that during recent years many professional tourism industries are demanded quality product and service.(Grönroos, 1990; Parasuraman et al., 1988) says, any business led to successful due to its service excellence and present punter demand. Hence the researcher attempts to study the satisfaction level of hotel industry punter with respect to Vijayawada city with respect to GCC (guest comment cards).The researcher adopted certain criteria to justify the Gilbert and Horsnell (1998) approach.The results of this study assists the hotel management to assess their exiting methods to handle the punter satisfaction in Vijayawada’s hotels.