Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Cerepro

Cerebrocardial syndrome, ways of full correction

D. T. Abdukadirova; U.T. Abdukadirov; Sh. M. Kobilov

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 2359-2364

The purpose of the research: to determine the clinical effectiveness of complex
therapy with cholinealfoscerate drugs as a supplement to standard therapy in patients in
the acute period of ischemic stroke of hemisphere localization. Materials and methods:
Sixty patients with acute cerebral stroke were examined, with an average age of 56+_ to
4.38. The main methods of the study were the collection of complaints and history, analysis
of medical records, assessment of somatic and neurological status, paraclinical research
methods (MRI), study of cognitive functions. The examination of patients was carried out
during the acute period of stroke and repeated after 3 months. The results have been
processed statistically. Results.The study revealed that the use of drugs of the group
cholinealphoszerate in the acute phase of stroke and in the next 2 months has a beneficial
effect not only on the restoration of motor and sensitive neurological deficits, improved
cardiac activity, but also reduces the incidence of early post-stroke dementia (high
confidence) and reduces the severity of clinical manifestations of lung and moderate
cognitive disorders. Conclusions. For the comprehensive correction of the manifestations
of ACCD and the prevention of post-stroke dementia, as well as reducing the progression
of cognitive disorders, stroke patients should recommend the use of drugs
chodinoalfoscerat (Cerepro) (in a dose of 2000mg/day intravenous drip for 5 days, then
1000mg/day intravenous5 days, then 1 restorative tablet 2 times a day (800mg/day) - 2
months) from the first days of stroke and in the early period.