Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Simple interrupted suture

Comparison of three suturing techniques in securing the PMMC flap in the oral cavity in OSCC.

Dr. Deepankar Shukla; Dr. Anendd Jadhav; Dr. Nitin Bhola

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 2098-2104

Abstract: Background: In order to promote healing by primary intention the positioning
and suturing of surgical flap is the main objective. Aim: To compare ‘Simple interrupted’,
‘Vertical mattress ‘ and ‘ Figure of 8’ suturing techniques in intraoral closure of PMMC
flap in oncological ablative defects in Oral Carcinoma. Material and Methods: 30
histopathologically proven patients of oral carcinomas allocated to 3 groups equally in
non randomized order requiring PMMC flap for rehabilitation of post ablative defect.
Group A consisted patients underwent PMMC flap closure with Vertical Mattress suturing
technique, Group B consisted patients underwent PMMC flap closure with Simple
Interrupted suturing technique and Group C patients underwent PMMC flap closure with
Figure of 8 suturing technique. Gaping and wound dehiscence and marginal necrosis
assessed at 1st week and 3rd week postoperatively. Result: Irrespective of the type of
suturing technique used there will be no significant difference in the healing outcome will
be observed. Conclusion: Simple interrupted suture was fastest to take. Vertical mattress
suture was more time consuming and Figure of 8 was also time efficient. No statistically
significant advantage could be drawn in terms of Gaping, Dehiscence and Marginal
necrosis amongst the three techniques considered in our study.