Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Arifin, HadiSuprapto

Crisis Communication Management In Creative Economy Of West Bandung In Dealing With Covid-19 Pandemic

Antar Venus; Kismiyati El Karimah; HadiSuprapto Arifin; Meria Octavianti

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 3756-3771

Covid-19 pandemic greatly affected the growth of creative economy of West Bandung. Many creative economy workers had to stay at home for a while since they had nothing to do, and many creative economy players eventually went bankrupt since they could not run their businesses during the pandemic. The condition encouraged FEKRAF KBB, as the official organization that accommodates all creative economy players of West Bandung, to give a hand in dealing with and getting through the crisis during the pandemic. This study sought to reveal what crisis communication management that was employed by FEKRAF KBB in dealing with Covid-19 pandemic and how it was applied. Qualitative method with case study approach were used for resolving research questions. Observation, interview, focus group discussion, and literature review were employed to collect data. This study’s informants were the committee of FEKRAF KBB, the West Bandung Tourism and Culture Office, the representatives of creative economy players, the media and other stakeholders. The results showed that FEKRAF KBB correctly applied all principles and stages of crisis communication and utilized various communication channels relevant to the conditions of the crisis they faced. Crisis preparedness, initial respond, corrective and reaction, and evaluation were the stages of crisis communication they employed, andthe media they used were limited to on-line and social media. In regard to its implementation, FEKRAF KBB applied nearly all principles of crisis communication as follows: creating a communication team, engaging media, collecting facts, disclosing information, being one sound, and employing many communication channels.