Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Agro Tourism

“Millet Products: Traditional Medicinal Diet For Modern Lifestyle Health Issues”

Sagar Bhatt, Dr. Prince Verma, Dr. Sumant Sharma, Chef Sonu K Katnoriya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 9563-9574

In the present era of world environment fluctuations, water insufficiency, accumulative world population, rising food prices, and other socio-economic impacts are expected to generate a great threat to health and food security worldwide, especially for the poorest people living in under-developed and developing countries such as Africa and Asia continents. Also, the method of agriculture has changed over the period of time with more water requirements and excessive usage of fertilizers. It affects the human health with fatal disease such as cancer becoming more common. These impacts present a challenge to scientists as well as nutritionists to examine the possibilities of producing, processing, and utilizing other potential healthy food sources to achieve food security. Here total twelve grains some of those are positive negative and neutral. few of those kodo millet, little millet, barnyard millet, brown top millet and foxtails millets are come in category of positive grain Millet is widely grown in the Indian subcontinent and constitutes a major source of carbohydrates and proteins for people living in these parts. In addition, because of their important contribution to national food security and potential health benefits, millet grain is now receiving increasing interest from food scientists, researchers, technologists, and nutritionists. An extensive number of earlier reviews have discussed their role in improving the human health. However, an ephemeral review on millet-derived peptides and their alleged role in human health is still lacking. The aim of this work was to review the health benefits and consequence research carried out to date for purposes of evaluation of nutritional quality and potential health benefits of millet grains