Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Breast diseases


1Dr.Preethi.V 2Dr.Vijay.S

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 4802-4808

Aims and objectives: To recognize, describe the radiological manifestations and correlate pathologically the breast disorders related to lactation. To ascertain the value of the different radiological modalities in such disorders
Materials and Methods: This is an observational prospective study of 50 lactating women who presented with breast complaints. They were subjected to X-ray mammography, sonomammography and MR mammography with contrast if needed. All reports were histologically verified and correlated
Results: Of the 50 women evaluated, the following diseases were diagnosed: Puerperal mastitis (n= 18, 36%); Breast abscess (n=6, 12%); Granulomatous mastitits (n=4, 8%); Galactocele (n=10, 20%); Lactating adenoma (n=2, 4%); Fibroadenoma (n=8, 16%); Pregnancy associated breast cancer (n=2, 4%). Of the 50 women evaluated, sonomammography upstaged the Xray mammography BIRADS category for 8 women which also corresponded with the HPE findings, X-ray mammography did not upstage the sonomammography BIRADS category for any woman, X-ray mammography and sonomammography showed similar findings in 42 women and MRI was used in indecisive cases, in 9 women, where the findings correctly predicted the HPE outcome.
Conclusion: Familiarity with the imaging spectrum of breast disorders during lactation is essential in today’s scenario. It would be a better practice to always perform USG evaluation in lactating women referred to X-ray mammography for breast complaints and to use MR mammography for indecisive cases.