Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Power Scope

Comparative Evaluation Of Treatment Effect Between Two Fixed Functional Appliances For Correction Of Class II Malocclusion

Dr. Anju Jha; Dr. Richashree; Dr. Sovendu Jha; Dr. Shalini Singh; Dr. Anuradha Pandey; Dr. Priyanka Mukul

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 3200-3204

Background: The present study was conducted to compare Power Scope and Forsus fatigue resistant device in management of class II malocclusion patients.
Materials & Methods: Group I patients were treated with Power Scope device and group II with Forsus fatigue resistant device.
Results: Group I had 8 males and 16 females and group II had 10 males and 14 females. The mean SNA was 81.2 in group I and 80.3 in group II, SNB was 74.5 in group I and 73.1 in group group II, ANB was 5.1 in group I and 6.0 in group II, GoGN- SN was 29.0 in group I and 31.8 in group II, IMPA was 103.2 in group I and 102.8 in group II, J ratio % was 67.2 in group I and 64.5 in group II and U1-SN was 105.4 in group I and 103.6 in group II. The mean time taken for appliance insertion in group I was 624.1 seconds and in group II was 1019.3 seconds.
Conclusion: Both Power Scope and Forsus were effective in management of class II malocclusion patients.