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An epidemiological study of the prevalence of toxoplasmosis in pregnant and aborted women in Salah al-Din Governorate and the effect of infection on some hematological changes in female

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Rawan Hasan Mohammed Al-Hamdani , Intisar Ghanim Abdulwahhab


In this study, 60 blood samples were collected from Toxoplasmosis-infected pregnant and aborted women and 30 blood samples from non-infected women. 5 mL of venous blood was obtained and deposited in tubes containing the anticoagulant Ethylene Diamin Tetraacetic acid (EDTA) for a complete blood count (CBC). The current study found that pregnant women had the highest percentage of Toxoplasmosis infection (48.89%). The percentage of people infected reached its peak in the age range 20-30 years, reaching (73.33%). The current study found the highest percentage of infection among housewives (48.33%), and the highest percentage of infection (71.67%) in the case of the affected women having a garden in their home. It was found that there was a significant increase in the number of WBC in the affected women( 9.75 ± 0.17 109/L). A significant decrease in the number of RBC for the affected women was (3.87 ± 0.0 1012/L). There was a significant decrease in the number of PLT for the affected women. (226.87 ±0.72 109/L) A significant decrease in Hb concentration in the affected women was also recorded (10.28 ± 0.14 g/dl).

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