Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Anisotropic filter

Layer Wise Segmentation Of Dental X-Ray Images

Mr.Megalan Leo.L M.E; Dr.T.Kalpalatha Reddy M.E., Ph.D

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 3, Pages 2460-2467

Dental cavity is the major problem among adults and children. Early detection of cavity helps to recover the natural functionalities of the tooth. Radiographic examination is used to identify the caries at the earliest stage. Radiographic image collected from the different source may contain noise. Noise should be reduced before doing the further process. Dental tooth has the different layers. They are dental bone, root, pulp, dentin and enamel. Dentist find difficult to identify the caries and its existence in the tooth layers. Segmentation is the technique used in the image processing to extract the region of interest. Layer wise segmentation helps the dentist to detect the caries and also help them to plan the treatment stage by stage. In this paper bite viewing radiography image is taken for segment the images in layer wise. Anisotropic diffusion filter is used as preprocessing technique to filter the noise presence in the image. Contrast enhancement technique is used to improve the quality of the image. Texture information is collected from the image to identify the pixel variation. Canny edge detection is used to detect the edges before segmenting the image in layer wise. Intensity range for the different layers of tooth is observed and the layer wise segmented results are obtained.