Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Smoker

Evaluation of dental implants failures in smokers and healthy subjects

Dr. Padam Singh; Dr. Sharv Ahuja; Dr. Deepti Gattani; Dr. Shivani Sharma; Dr. Pavan Shrimant Dorkar; Dr. Himanshu Sharma

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 6406-6411

Introduction: The ill effects of tobacco on human health have been well demonstrated yet tobacco continues to find a very special place in the present day to day life probably because of the stimulant effects of nicotine.5, The present study was conducted to assess failure rate of dental implant in smokers and healthy subjects. Materials & methods: 54 smokers (group I) and equal number of healthy subjects (group II) who received dental implant in last 5 years of both genders were recruited. Amount of bone loss around the implant over 1mm of bone loss in the first year and over 0.3 mm bone loss every subsequent year were considered as failures. Results: Group I consisted of 68 patients (smokers) with 76 dental implants. Group II consisted of 54 patients (healthy subjects) with 78 implants. In group I, there were 16 and in group II, there were 3 dental implant failures. At first year, in group I, mean bone loss around implant was 1.21 mm and 0.5 mm in group II. Upto 5 years, in group I, mean bone loss around implant was 2.7 mm and 1.4 mm in group II. The difference was significant p< 0.05).Conclusion: Smokers had higher dental implant failure rates as compared to healthy subjects.

Advice from Former-Smoking E-Cigarette Users to Current Smokers on How to Use E-Cigarettes as Part of an Attempt to Quit Smoking

Sasmita Das; Rubi Pradhan; Dinabandhu Barad

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 839-848

The substitution of e-cigarettes with nicotine will almost remove the harm linked to smoking. Strategies that improve smokers' desire to use e-cigarettes rather than tobacco cigarettes are important. This must be understood. Current smokers who have successfully used E-cigarettes to quit smoking may be very useful for growing existing smokers' curiosity in converting and willingness to use E-cigarettes. In an online poll, the advice offered to smocks who intend to use e-cigarettes with e-cigarettes was asked of a global self-selected group from 4,192 former smokers who are stopping the smoking process. The subject of qualitative analysis of participant feedback established the following four main themes: (i) the mix of vaporizing devices, e-liquid flavors and the nicotine level 'functioning for all' and (ii) smoking for some time after the vaporization is begun OK; Experienced smoking vapors are able to give smokers tips and practical vapor awareness that can be useful when attempting to move from smoking to vaping. Encouraging smokers of tobacco to communicate with seasoned vapors as they were once told by vapers themselves, who are now recommending them on vaping shops who web communities – may have a tremendous ability to make more smokers transition to e-cigarette.