Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Ca2 ���Mg2 - ATPase

Biochemical Characterization Of (Ca2+-Mg2+)-Atpase And Ionic Imbalance In Patient With Chronic Renal Failure

Qaisar M. Abd; Susan J. Ali

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 4325-4334

Calcium and Magnesium homeostasis can be disturbed in many ways in the course of chronic renal failure (CRF) . Almost all calcium body content resides in the extracellular space , while the Magnesium almost intracellular space . The concentration of both ions is maintenance is possible via cooperation between many regulating systems in the cell membranes .
The aim of our study was to estimate the activity of Ca2+–Mg2+- ATPase (CMA) , creatinine, urea, sodium, potassium , magnesium , total calcium, inorganic phosphate , Parathyroid hormone, Vitamin D. , and total protein in blood of patients with CRF and evaluate the correlation of Ca2+–Mg2+- ATPase with Vitamin D , Parathyroid hormone , Ca+2 and Mg+2 .
Methods A total of 60 diagnosed CRF patients (30 males and 30 females) their ages ranged from 22-65 years its called G1 while G2 consisted of 60 healthy subjects , The chemicals and kits that were used in this study were of the highest purity.
Results in patients groups Ca2+–Mg2+- ATPase , magnesium , total calcium and Vit. D was Significant decrease in G1 compare with G2 while creatinine, urea, potassium , inorganic phosphate and Parathyroid hormone Significant increases