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Keywords : Handball

The Effect Of A Proposed Training Program For Weightlifting Exercises To Develop The Explosive Power To Perform Handball Shooting Skills For Young Players

shirooq mahdi Kazem; Shaymaa Hasan Ismael

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 406-411

Abstract: Explosive strength is of great importance in most sports activities and events, mostly because it is one of the basic characteristics of the physical preparation components that characterize sports, as it is the main pillar in the skill of jumping in some sports that require sport to make a great effort to reach the highest point of jumping, and the comprehensive and integrated preparation of the game. According to the scientific method based on choosing the correct training methods and means, it is the basis for the success of the training and handball process, as any game has its basic principles that depend on mastering the best method in training methods, and the principle of developing the quality of strength Explosive through training and according to modern scientific foundations is an important matter, especially in games that need to develop the strength component accompanying the accuracy of performance, in addition to that it needs to perform various movements of stability and surprise and movement and requires the player to move from one situation to another with harmony, fluidity and movement accuracy Super because it is closely related to each other and the fact that handball skills require players to possess the characteristic of explosive power because it is one of the characteristics that help them in performing the various skills of the game, including the skill of shooting with jumping, which is one of the most important offensive handball skills because of its It is an important influence on the outcome of the match as it has evolved and has become one of the most powerful means of attack. Therefore, the coaches must pay attention to this skill by focusing on developing the quality of the explosive force according to training curricula based on sound foundations and work to direct the players ’attention to accuracy in the performance of the correction. As for the research method, the researcher used the experimental approach with equal groups, and the research sample consisted of players from the specialized school for talent sponsors - Diyala handball for youth for the sports season 2018/2019 and the number (24) players were divided into three experimental groups consisting of each group of (8) Players.

Finding grades and standard levels of some special physical abilities for youth goalkeepers in handball in Iraq

Hardan Azeez Salman

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 3914-3925

The importance of the research lies in the development of standard levels and levels of the physical abilities of the young goalkeepers in Iraq (ages 17-19), either the problem of research It is that the grades and standard levels of physical abilities are not available in the assessment of young goalkeepers and the recent emergence of the problem arose research is to try to fill the shortage in this aspect and to identify the physical level of the guards have the goal of research is 1. Finding standard standards of the core Biting the special physical abilities of the young goalkeepers in Iraq. Provide standard levels of some of the special physical abilities of young Iraqi goalkeepers.The researcher used the descriptive method in the survey method and the sample of the research represented by the guards of the youth movement in Iraq at the age of (17-18) years and the number of (30) players and the procedures of the field research is to determine the special physical abilities and tests of (throwing a medical ball weighing (2) kg, Stability, enemy 20 m of standing, bend the trunk to the front of the stand).The researcher reached the most important conclusions: 1. Most of the research sample was at an average level. The most important recommendations are: 1. The need to adopt tests in the tests of youth goalkeepers in Iraq at the ages of 17-18 years. 2. Adoption of the grades and standard levels of this study to evaluate the goalkeepers in Iraq youth ages (17-18) years.


European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 3926-3933

This paper contains the introduction and problem of research, which is the conventional training methods used by coaches in the process of handball shooting, as they measure the player's shooting process with old codified scientific methods of measurements and tests, and this is what the two researchers considered a research problem to shed light on. Hence, it is thought of designing a device for the development and measurement of shooting for handball players. The objectives included designing a device to develop and measure the accuracy of some types of handball shots, developing special exercises to improving the accuracy of some types of handball shooting and identifying the reflections of the special exercises in the improvement of some types of handball shooting accuracy for individuals in the sample of the research. As for the hypotheses of the research, there is a significant influence of the exercises using the device developed by the researcher in the improvement of the accuracy of some types of handball shots. The research community comprised of 16 players from Al-Mustansiriyah University handball team. The research sample was represented by the same 16 players.