Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : CVS

Protocol of the Effect of Eye Exercise, Triphala Kwath Eye Wash & Triphala Ghrita Systemically On Computer Vision Syndrome

Dr.Roshna Sukhdeoji Bhutada / Rathi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 1911-1922

Today, due to online working platform, everyone requires computer device and
used for long time. Resulting multi-factorial disease called Computer Vision Syndrome. In
modern lifestyle, every person is getting affected due to radiation may be due to VDT
(Video display terminals), computer, T.V. and CFL lamp, mobile etc. Symptoms known by
video display terminal users include many symptoms, thus term “Computer Vision
Syndrome”. In modern Science, lubricating medicine (eye drops) available but has not
specific effect for long time on CVS. Ayurveda deals with modification in the lifestyle
which is beneficial for the individual to remain healthy. Hence eye exercise, , Triphala
Kwath eye wash and Triphala Ghrita sytemically will be use for the treatment of CVS .
Objectives To study the efficacy of combine effect of Eye Exercise + Triphala Kwath Eye
Wash +Triphala Ghrita Systemically in the management of Computer Vision Syndrome.
Methodology- The study is Control Randomised clinical observational study. method -
100 patients of CVS will be treated by randomly dividing them into three, Group I having
40 patients will be subjected to Eye Exercise + Triphala Kwath Eye Wash +Triphala
Ghrita Systemically. Group II having 40 patient will be subjected to Eye Exercise +
Triphala Kwath Eye wash. Groups.III having 20 patient will be subjected to Exercise +
Instillation distilled (demineralised and sterilized) water patients will be treated. Results
The result will draw from the study of observation after treatment Conclusion The
Conclusion drawn from the observation and result.