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Keywords : preventive measures

Overview on Monkey Pox an Emerging Viral Infection. A Review of Literature

Prof. Dr. M. Anuradha, (Dr.) K Rohitha Rao

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2023, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 2287-2296

To reiterate the extent of problem of Monkey pox in our country and to acknowledge the problem and to implement the preventive measures as suggested by the Indian government (ICMR guidelines) by Health care professionals as well as Indian public.
Objectives: Monkey pox is a zoonotic infection caused by a virus that belongs to DNA family Poxviridae. Recently there has been upsurge in the number of monkey pox cases in our country. This has led to increase in the awareness programs in our country by WHO as well as Indian Government. Especially with strict implementation of preventive measures this viral disease can be easily preventable as happened recently with smallpox virus which belongs to same family. This review of literature is made simple for the awareness of the preventive measures suggested by WHO for health care professionals as well as general public. This DNA virus shows mutations less frequently compared to COVID -19 which has recently caused devastating Pandemic all over the world. An account on life cycle and pathogenesis is useful for further research in directing the different therapeutic modalities against the disease. Standard ICMR guidelines needed to be followed for laboratory diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis of the suspected cases. Proper transportation of the appropriate specimens like nasopharyngeal swabs, skin lesion materials to apex laboratories through IDSP portal, in triple packing especially need proper guidelines suggested by WHO. This review can give overview on all the aforementioned aspects.
Conclusion: Monkey pox in our country is still less prevalent compared to western Africa. Proper awareness on laboratory diagnosis, treatment and preventive measures can almost all make it less significant disease in our country

Early Childhood Caries

Dr. Harkamal Pannu, Dr. Manjinder Singh, Dr. Moninder Singh, Dr. Komal Kundra, Dr. Pooja Sharma, Dr. Suvansh Gupta .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2023, Volume 10, Issue 1, Pages 3539-3545

Dental caries has a lasting detrimental impact on dentition.  Early childhood caries is a serious problem in both developing as well as industrialized countries.  It is characterized as early onset and rapid progression. Preventive measures help to reduce their spread but they are only effective when parents and caregivers follow the preventive measures as described. Management of decayed teeth requires professional treatment to remove infection and restore tooth function. This review article gives in-depth knowledge about various aspects of early childhood caries.

Coronavirus (COVID-19): preventive measures and potential interventions

Marwan M Merkhan; Ghayth M Abdulrazzaq; Hiyam A Al-Taii

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 10, Pages 1388-1399

Novel viral eruption originating in Wuhan city (Hubei, China) has spread internationally reaching all continents in an unexpectedly very short time, posing a great burden on global transportation, health, and economy. This mini-review article aimed at focusing on the available preventive measures and therapeutic interventions taking into account that there is a limited scientific resource of information and lack of specific established vaccination yet We searched Iraq Virtual Science Library (IVSL), PubMed, Cochrane Library MEDLINE, EMBASE, and the Chinese Biomedical Database (CBM), for the 3 target words ‘COVID-19, coronavirus, 2019-CoV’ and we included only articles in English in the study. The outcome of this study is important nationally and globally providing information about general measures and possible interventions relevant to public and health professionals. This review concludes that the nutritional status of the patient together with proper diagnosis should be the priority of the management plan provided that the loci is within the outbreak area and available flu vaccines should be used by unaffected health-care providers and children.


Alexandrova Оlga Pavlovna; Lyudmila Yuryevna Budanova; Vatan Vahitovich Asadov; Boris Yuryevich Borisov; Valeria Eduardovna Alexandrova

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 4863-4877

The use of measures of state coercion, including house arrest, is always associated with restrictions on the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the individual, and therefore occupies one of the Central places in the field of legal regulation. However, the practice of using house arrest in some countries, including taking into account the decisions of the European court of human rights, shows that not all issues of legal regulation of this coercive measure have been resolved to a degree that satisfies science and practice, and there are violations of human rights enshrined in international legal standards, so scientific interest in problematic issues of house arrest is increasing.

Incorporation of Oral Health in Primary Health Care - Challenges and Opportunities.

Dr. Kumar Gaurav Chhabra; Kiran Patel; Ajita Mehendale; Karishma Ahuja; Charmi Mandaviya; Dr. Gargi Nimbulkar

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 1827-1831

Oral Health Care is considered as fundamental component of Primary Health Care. It provides potency to essential medicinal services conveyance system with the aid of making an investment in prevention and deducting avoidable dots as a consequence enacting a significant tool for native health. Oral wellbeing influence one's general wellbeing and enhanced person's satisfaction. Investigations have been done which have accomplished to discover more methods to draw in families and sufferers making them accessible to oral health care measures. A movement named National Oral Health Care programme aims to provide accessible, low cost and eminent oral health care considerations to every single person nationwide. Innovations with the aid of health care professionals and oral health maintenance team have been performed to reduce health care expenditure with excellent care.
For such innovations we need to boom our investment for primary health care training programmes for practitioners. Impact should be made on those population which are considered special that is having maternal and child groups. There is a remarkable work force to overcome the threats of oral health diseases. The need of this hour is to listen to the voice of the patients and families who have the epitome of oral diseases. Inclusion of oral health examination in routine medical health check-up will be of great help for the longevity of the people.


Shilpa Merlyn Jose; Dr. Lavanya Prathap; Ms. Jothi Priya A; Dr. Preetha S

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 342-349

Background: Pandemic Outbreak is an epidemic which is spread over multiple countries or continents. There were many pandemic outbreaks in the past centuries. Many pandemics have still not yet been identified and cure is also not identified. The present pandemic outbreak, COVID-19 started off at Wuhan, China in December 2019 and within a month it reached many countries across the world. However the preventive measures taken were somewhat similar to the previous pandemic.
Aim: The aim of the study is to review the pandemic outbreaks in the past century and in the present century.
Methodology: Articles were collected from the past 20 years (2000-2020). The Articles were collected from databases like scopus, google scholar and Pubmed and were reviewed based on the output variables. Results and conclusion: Many pandemic diseases were reviewed from the past centuries, some of these diseases caused many deaths and also have caused a huge decline in the country’s economy. Preventive measures were similar for all the diseases except for AIDS and Bubonic Plague