Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Accreditation constituent board of Quality Council of India

“A Study To Assess The Effect Of Accreditation On Nurses Awareness Regarding Co-Workers Support Amongst Nurses Working In Selected NABH Accredited And Non NABH Accredited Hospitals Of Indore City.”

Keshkali Singh,Dr. Maharaj Singh, Dr. Amarjeet Singh Chhabra

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 6727-6737

1      To assess the effect of accreditation among nurses working in NABH accredited hospital and non NABH accredited hospitals.
2      To compare the effect of accreditation on nurses awareness regarding coworkersin selected NABH accredited and non NABH accredited hospital.
3      To find out association effect of accreditation on nurses awareness regarding coworkers with selected demographic variables.
Background Of The Study
NABH is a process in which hospital accreditation is done but whole process is very time consuming and tidies’ to adopted and  achieve the highest standards of healthcare it is essential to practice it forever. This process requires continuous hard work and full determination of health care workers. Manpower is the most important and the most valuable asset of any organization and success or failure of every organization strongly depends on the performance of its people. Nurses are back bone of any hospital care provided to patients creates a good or bad reputation about the hospitals, nurses awareness about co-workers cooperation and understanding may bring positive and supportive feelings towards organization which can be  influential for nursing services. Awareness about fellow workers make the person comfortable at workplace and this sense may boost the belongingness towardsaorganization.
Materials and methods
A quantitative research approach and descriptive research design is used in this studySettings of the study was NABH accredited and non NABH accredited hospitals , data is collected through self reporting check list which has cover 10  points about nurses awareness regarding co-workers. Result: Statistical analysis of the data revealed that, according to independent t-test there was highly significant effects on  awarenessabout co workersamong nurses working in NABHaccredited hospitals groups rather than non NABH grpoup.
Conclusions: There is consistent evidence that shows that accreditation programs improve the process of care and sense of team work among nurses.