Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Bipolar Prosthesis

A Clinical Study To Evaluate The Functional Outcome Of Fracture Of Femoral Neck With Bipolar Prosthesis

Dr Virender Singh Kadyan, Dr Karan Alawadhi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 829-832

Background: The advantages of bipolar hemiarthroplasty compared to total hip arthroplasty were that the surgical procedure was simple, the volume of blood was small, and the incidence of dislocation was low.The present study was conducted to evaluate the functional outcome of fracture of femoral neck with bipolar prosthesis.
Material & Methods: Patients who had fracture of neck of femur were selected for the study. Patient were analysed clinically and radiologically. Required investigations were done. A total of 40 cases were selected or the study. Allpatientswere followed upforaperiodof 1year atregularintervals.Diagnosisconfirmed by radiograph. HarrisHip Score was recorded.
Results: The maximum patients belong to age group 50-60 years (62.5%). Females were predominant in the study (67.5%). Patients with left side being affected in 65% of the patients. The most common prosthesis used in the study was uncemented bipolar prosthesis (87.5%) and in 12.5% patients cemented prosthesis was used. In our study, the final Harris Hip Score as evaluated at one year follow-up. Overall, 7 patients (17.5%) achieved Excellent result, 24 patients (60%) achieved Good result, 7 patients (17.5%) achieved fair result and 2 patients (5%) achieved poor result.
Conclusion: The present study concluded that hemiarthroplasty with bipolar prosthesis shows better results.