Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : COVID-19 vaccine

Assessment of knowledge, attitude and practice towards covid-19 vaccine among healthcare workers in a tertiary care center

Guru Prasad C, Ambresh Ayyali, Nagesh HN, Nagaraja BS

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 5, Pages 232-239

Background: In the current scenario of vaccine scepticism amidst India’s massive vaccination drive, assessment of knowledge and attitude of healthcare workers towards the vaccine and their appropriate training is vital to build trust in the vaccine and increase acceptance.
Objectives: To study and assess Knowledge, Attitude and Practice towards Covid-19 Vaccine among healthcare workers in a tertiary care center.
Materials & Methodology: The study was Pre & PostQuestionnaire Survey. After informed consent, the responders were provided an online questionnaire for the collection of information on knowledge, attitude and practices about COVID-19 vaccines. Responses were collected both before and after the sensitisation programme.
Results: The study included 366 participants with mean age of 23.25 years (SD=9.08). Our study found that there was significant change in the knowledge, attitude and willingness of the HCWs after the sensitising program. After the sensitisation, 83.7% were ready to accept that the vaccine is a good idea (compared to 65.6%). 83.7% were ready to accept that the vaccine is a good idea (compared to 65.6% pre-sensitisation). Concerns about the side effects reduced among HCWs from 53.3% to 48.3%. Willingness to take the vaccine increased from 37.7% to 69.78% after the sensitisation Also more healthcare workers were willing to recommend the vaccine to others (70.6% compared to 40.2%).
Conclusion: We found that the sensitizing program showed significant change in the knowledge, attitude, and willingness among the HCWs. This provides further opportunities for development of similar educational and awareness programmes for HCWs and for the general population.