Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Audiovisual reaction time

Assessment of cognition & sensory-motor performance using audio-visual reaction time in young adults with parental history of hypertension: A cross sectional study

Dr. Sunita, Dr. Akshtha A K, Dr. Yogesh Kadam

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 1417-1424

Background: Hypertension “A Silent killer” is a non-communicable chronic disease exhibiting a rising prevalence in today’s globalized world. In long run it causes end organ damage like cardiovascular diseases, chronic kidney diseases, neuro-cognitive damage. Autonomic imbalance with added unhealthy lifestyle & professional stress hastens the pathophysiological process of the disease.
Aim of the study: Assessment of cognition & sensory motor response using audiovisual reaction time analyzer in young adults with & without parental history of hypertension. Methodology: A total of 120 young adult participants were included in this cross sectional study after obtaining institutional ethical committee clearance & defining inclusion and exclusion criteria. Sixty young adults with parental history of hypertension were screened & 60 students with no parental history of hypertension were recruited using simple random sampling for control group.
Result: The study showed both ART & VRT were prolonged in study group & the delay in ART was statistically significant (p<0.05).
Conclusion: Cognition and sensory motor tasks are affected by sympathetic reactivity indicating genetic influence. Early screening of altered neurological functions helps to take steps to prevent further consequences.