Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : post-surgical

Vocal cord paralysis and its etiologies: A retrospective study in tertiary care hospital

Dr. Amit Kumar Sharma,Dr. Mahesh Kumar,Dr. Stuti Shukla, Dr. Rakesh Kumar Singh,Dr. SaritaKumari Mishra

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 1, Pages 1517-1521

Background: Vocal cord paralysis (VCP), defined as the loss of normal adduction/abduction
caused by a lesion distant from the cords, result from neural injury to the recurrent laryngeal
nerve. Present study was aimed to study various etiologies of vocal cord paralysis at a tertiary
Material and Methods: Present study was hospital based, retrospective observational study,
conducted patients with vocal cord palsy confirmed with endoscopy.
Results: In present study, 52 cases were of vocal cord paralysis were evaluated in detail.
Majority were from 41-60 years age group (53.85%) followed by 41-60 years age group
(28.85%).Male patients (57.69%) were more than female (42.31%). Common symptoms
noted in present study were dyspnoea (75%), hoarseness of voice (55.77%), dysphagia +
dyspnoea (30.77%) & dysphagia (25%). Majority of cases had unilateral vocal cord palsy
(92.31%) as compared to Bilateral (7.69%) vocal cord palsy. Among cases left (61.54%) side
involvement was common than right (30.77%). In present study, various neoplasms (thyroid,
bronchogenic, esophageal) & post surgical (thyroidectomy, esophagectomy) were most
common etiology in 26.92% patients each. Other etiologies were idiopathic causes (17.31%),
neck nodes/cervical metastases (11.54%), mediastinal masses/lymph nodes (5.77%), CNS
causes (5.77%), cardiovascular (3.85%) &blunt Trauma (1.92%).
Conclusion: Vocal cord paralysis was common in males, at 5th& 6th decade & it was
unilateral in majority of cases. Common causes of vocal cord paralysis are neoplasm, postsurgical
& idiopathic.