Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Elbow

A Study of Ossification Centres Around the Elbow and Wrist of Adolescent Aged 15 - 19 Years at a Tertiary Care Centre

Sharad Kumar Agarwal, Tariq Wali

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 196-201

Introduction: Legal punishment and crimes are entirely based on the criminal
responsibilities and age of the person. The crime against the children and adolescent
and crime by the children and adolescent are increasing hugely in this modern era
where technologies are improving greatly. Evaluating the bone age in skeletally
immature patient gained importance for therapeutic decision-making, and the
knowledge about the skeletal development forms the basis for the results interpretation.
In Adolescence, the age of appearance of the ossification centers of their elbow has a
relatively well-established chronological sequence which are documented in literature:
humerus capitulum, radius head, medial or internal epicondyle, humerus trochleaand
lateral or external epicondyle.
Materials and Methods:The study was carried out on a total of 143 subjects out of
which 110 were males and 33 were females. After obtaining the written consent from
every individual, subjects were allowed for their radiological examination. The X-rays
of wrist were first taken with A-P view at 40- 44 KVp and 4 – 8 mAs (Focussing at mid
carpal area). The X-ray of elbow was then taken with A-P view at 42-44 KVp and 4–8
mAs (Centering at mid carpal area). The tube current was fixed at 40 inches and tube
current at 100 mA. The persons selected for the study were grouped as per their stated
age viz, 15-16 years, 16-17years, 17-18years & 18-19 years.
Results:The complete fusion of ossification centres around elbow joint in males starts at
the age of 15-16 years followed by individuals of 17-18 years showing complete fusion
from a range of 80-90% and all the 18 subjects between 18-19 years shows 100%
complete fusion. In females it showed that the complete fusion of all ossification centres
around elbow joint started at the age group of 15-16 years but was not complete and it
was followed by appearance of 100% complete fusion in 16-19 years age group of
Conclusion:This study proves that the complete fusion of ossification centres around
elbow and wrist joint in females occurs earlier than in males by 1-2 years. 100%
complete fusion around elbow joint in females occurs at 16-17 years whereas in males it
is seen at 18-19years. 100% complete fusion around wrist joint is seen in females of age
group 18-19 years whereas it is just the lower end of ulna that shows complete fusion in
males at the same age as females.