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Keywords : Anaemia

Assessment of effect of Anaemia on recovery in surgical patients: An observational study

Dr. Tarun Kumar, Dr.Seema Solanki, Dr.Manav Vadhera, Dr. Jessica Kaushal, Dr Neeeaj Joshi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 8903-8907

Background: Anaemic patients frequently proceed to surgery without considered
assessment and management of this risk factor for adverse outcome. Hence; the present
study was conducted with the aim of assessing the effect of Anaemia on recovery in
surgical patients.
Materials & methods: 100 anaemic patients were randomly enrolled in the present study.
Complete demographic and clinical details of all the patients were obtained. Thorough
history of all the patients was recorded. The line of treatment was also recorded.
Haemoglobin estimation was done by Acid haematin method and according to
haemoglobin patients were divided in mild, moderate and severe. Recovery profile of all the
patients was assessed.
Results: Mean hospital stay among patients with haemoglobin levels of Less the 6 gm%
was 29.4 days while among patients with haemoglobin levels between 6 to 8.99 gm%, mean
hospital stay was 21.8 days. Mean hospital stay among patients with haemoglobin level s
between 9 to 10.99 gm% and between 11 to 12.5 gm% was 12.3 days and 8.5 days
respectively. Significantly longer hospital stay days were associated with patients with
more severe degree of anaemia.
Conclusion: Severity of Anaemia affects the recovery profile in surgical patients

Type of article- Review article Title of the article- Oral manifestation of haematological disorder- A short review

Dr. N.Aravindha Babu; Dr. Ryhanath Gulshan. F; Dr. K.M.K. Masthan

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 1462-1465

Haematological abnormalities are variable in nature which manifests in the oral cavity. The symptoms are non specific representing the initial sign of the underlying disease. The importance of understanding the oral manifestations lies in the fact that signs and symptoms may be the first clinical presentation that alerts the dentist/hematologist to an underlying hematological disorder


Sharwini Baskar; Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj; Preetha. S

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 748-763

Pregnancy has some physiological changes which complicate the process of diagnosis and treatment. Over 200 million people suffer from anaemia especially among women of reproductive age. Anaemia is a major health problem among pregnant and non-pregnant women. Anaemia during pregnancy is considered as a public health problem especially in developing countries. The World Health Organization (WHO) defined anaemia during pregnancy as a haemoglobin concentration of less than 11g/dl. In severe anaemia, the haemoglobin level is 6g/dl. Anaemia threatens both mother and foetus. The causes may be multifactorial, such as nutrient deficiency, parasitic infections or chronic infections. It may also be due to acute blood loss. It may also depend on geographical location and economic status. The effects of anaemia on mothers are tiredness, weakness, dizziness and affects the immune system. In children, it may cause preterm delivery, low birth weight. On both the mother and the fetus it can cause mortality and morbidity. Intake of balanced diet and awareness programmes on anaemia is a measure to prevent anaemia. This study is to evaluate the awareness and prevalence of anaemia among pregnant women. A cross-sectional survey was conducted containing a set of self-developed questionnaires. The data was collected and analysed using SPSS software. The results are analysed and tabulated. The result was gained as follows, 25% of the participated population‟s haemoglobin level is less than 11, 75.89% of the population participated are aware that anaemia can affect pregnant women, 66.07% of the population agree that haemoglobin level less than 11 can cause anaemia. From the study, it is obvious that there is an awareness between the effects of anaemia during pregnancy.