Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Gynecologic Imaging Reporting and Data System (GI-RADS)

Gynecologic Imaging Reporting and Data System (GI-RADS) for revealing OvarianMasses based on Ultrasonography

Rana Ibrahim Ali Hassan, Ahmed Sabry Ahmed Ragheb, Ahmed Mohammed AlaaEldeen,Mohamed Ibrahim Amin

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 4, Pages 17-38

The adnexal masses represent a variety of diseases, ranging from normal luteal cysts
to ovarian cancer, from gynecological or non-gynecological origins. Transvaginal sonography
(TVS) has turned into the first step imaging method for describing adnexal masses. Transvaginal
ultrasonography is the initial method for detection of adnexal masses, it can visualize the deeper
structures and even note the fine details of the organs like fallopian tube and ovary, also
distinguish between benign and malignant lesions. Gynecologic Imaging Reporting and Data
System (GI-RADS): is a new system based on BI-RADS for reporting findings in adnexal masses
identified by TVS. Thick papillary projections, thick septa, solid areas with/without ascites,
defined according to the International Ovarian Tumor Analysis criteria and vascularization within
solid areas, papillary projections or central area of a solid tumor on Color or Power Doppler
assessment are suggestive signs of malignancy.