Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Colorectal Carcinoma

Overview on Colonoscopy in Al-Diwaniyah Gastroenterology center, Iraq

Osamah Tahir Muslim

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 7418-7426

Background: Colonoscopy is a necessary and widely usedprocedure that has vital role in
early detection of colonic and rectal carcinoma and is an essential test in the diagnosis of
many diseases of the lower gastrointestinal tract. Colonoscopy is still the investigation of
choice for visualizing colonic and rectal mucosa for diseases such as carcinoma, adenoma,
and inflammatory conditions.
Objectives: Is to make quality assessment of colonoscopy procedures conducted at Al-
Diwaniyah Gastroenterology Center and compare the results with the international figures.
Patients and Method:This is a retrospective observational study conducted at Al-
Diwaniyah Gastroenterology Center involved patients underwent colonoscopy for the
period of one year, from February 2018 till January 2019. The number of Patients
included are 303, (153 males and 150 females) ranging in age from 3 to 85 years
underwent colonoscopy for different indications and the results analyzed regarding the
level of colonic intubation, quality of colonic preparation and the related factors.
Results:In 96 patients(22.77%)the procedure was limited to the splenic flexure and only the
Rectum& Left colon intubated; in 50 patients(16.50%) the procedure terminated at Hepatic
Flexure; Cecal intubationachieved in 157 patients representing (51.81%) of the examined
patients; and Terminal Ilium intubation was done in 93 patients (30.69%);Only 30
patients (9.90%) found to be perfectly prepared, 103 (33.99%) had poor preparation and
the majority ( 17o patients representing 56.11%) had acceptable level of preparation;those
in which cecal intubation not done include: those who have no indications for complete
intubation (86 patients 58.90%); poorly prepeared patients (45patients 30.82%); Irritable
not well sedated patients (9 patients 6.16%) and finally those who had technical problem
prohibiting cecal intubation such as bowel stricture or obstructive mass lesion (6 patients
Conclusions: Colonoscopy at al-Diwaniyah Gastroenterology center is providing a
valuable & a good quality service to the province population, yet the competence of the
endoscopy staff measured by cecal andIlial intubation ratesis still below the international
figures and it needs to be improved by providing the center by a highly qualified personnel
and equipment.