Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Cuckoo Search Algorithm

Numerical Simulation and Assessment of Improved Cuckoo Search Algorithm based Maximum Power Point Tracking System for Partial Shaded Solar PV Systems

Ashish Raj, Manoj Gupta

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 7, Pages 6309-6320

The DC-DC converter is an electric circuit converting a DC voltage from one level to another. The voltage is either higher or lower. This is usually known as the DC counterpart of the voltage transformer. System efficiency and energy output of a PV system is invariably influenced by module temperature, irradiation and shading. Material behavior like module encapsulation, thermal dissipation and absorption behavior of used material also affect the output; further it is subjected to work purpose of irradiance level, surrounding temperature just as wind speed and condition of installation. Manufacturers normally indicate nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT), an indicative of module temperature. There is unique point known as maximum power point (MPP) in the I-V curve, at that point the efficiency of solar powered PV array is maximum. If the solar panel is directly coupled with load, there is mismatch between operational point of the voltage and current and the unique point of Vmpp (Voltage at maximum power point) and Impp (Current at maximum power point). To overcome this problem, DC-DC switch-mode power supply, known as (MPPT) is presented. The duty cycle output of the MPPT algorithm is sent to the improve converter performance through a PWM controller. The boost converter output is linked to a resistive load to determine the system's power output. The MPPT system overcomes this problem by controlling the PV array voltage or current freely of the load. PV system, converters integrated with MPPT and the measuring system are all part of the system, and all connected to transform solar energy into electrical energy. Hence, it can be observed that MPPT algorithm is needed to control the operation of Controller. Through conventional MPPT system, it is not possible to detect nonlinear operating points created due to partial shading and complex operational conditions. The present research represents the design and performance assessment of improved cuckoo search based maximum power point tracking system under variable mode of operation and partial shaded conditions.


Ms. K. Manjula; Dr. P.V.S. Siva Prasad; Mr. N. Srinivas

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 9, Pages 2881-2892

Reliable data transmission in wireless sensor network plays a critical part with the
presence of increased data traffic and congestion. Successful data transmission can be
ensured by providing cache resources to store the data before transmission. Reliable Transport
protocol with a cache aware congestion control mechanism (RT-CaCC) is the existing
approach used for secured communication. However, in this existing works, cache resource
allocation is done evenly to all data flows on network which lead to data transmission failure
due to insufficient resources. Cache resource allocation should be performed evenly in order
to obtain consistent and successful data transmission. Priority based Cache Allocation and
Congestion Control protocol (P-CACC) is used in this work for effective cache resource
allocation. In the proposed research work, data transmission is performed reliably by giving
more prioritization to the data flow with higher data rate. Here, initially uneven cache
partitioning scheme is introduced for giving more prioritization to the flow with higher data
rates. This is done by measuring the priority of the multiple data flows present in the network,
and the weight assignment is done with the assistance of cuckoo search algorithm where the
data flow with more priority will be assigned with more weight. The higher cache partition will
be allocated to the data flow assigned with higher weight value. The simulation of the work is
performed in NS2. It is confirmed that proposed research work tends to have improved
outcomes than the existing techniques.