Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Clinician Preference

Preference of impression material and technique for complete denture treatment among the dental practitioners in Bhubaneswar: Questionnaire Based Survey

Sonali Perti; Shruti Vishal Dev; Sourav Kumar Pati; Dibyadeepika Mohapatra

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 8, Pages 4708-4717

Background & Aim: Proper impression procedure is essential for obtaining good retention,
support and stability for complete denture. With time various impression materials and
techniques have evolved, presently computer aided design/computer aided manufacturing
(CAD/CAM) technology in the field of removable complete denture prosthetics have
effectively reduced patient visits and decreased chair side time, thus expediting the
otherwise cumbersome process. Despite the advances, material choice usually relies on
personal preference and experience and varies from those taught in dental schools. This
study focuses on questionnaire-based survey to assess and know the impression materials
and techniques for complete dentures that are being followed by the dental practitioners
(DPs) in Bhubaneswar. Method: A total of 400 questionnaires were sent to dental
practitioners (DPs) in Bhubaneswar to assess and know the impression materials and
techniques for complete dentures that are preferred by them. Results: The results revealed
that general practitioner preferred using irreversible hydrocolloid for primary impression
and for secondary impressions Zinc oxide-eugenol (ZOE) was preferred material of choice
for impression making in complete denture. Conclusions: The survey reflects a diverse
range of clinician preferences but in the era of evidence based dentistry, clinical decision
making should be made on best available evidence with the fact in mind that patient
satisfaction and comfort is our ultimate goal.