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Keywords : China

Telemedicine: Need of hour; Effectiveness of telemedicine or m health in management of patients during the pandemic of COVID-19

Dr. Ajit Kumar, Dr. Pranita, .

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 490-492

By the end of December 2019, the world has witnessed arrival of a new virus, SARS-Covid 19, the novel corona virus from the city of Wuhan, China. After causing havoc in China, it speeded to each corner of the world. With over 36 lakh cases across the world, corona virus has already claimed around 2.3 lakh lives worldwide, according to data collected by agencies like world meter and WHO. (1) On 11th March 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared COVID-19 a public health emergency of international concern. With introduction of this illness in India with case reported on 30th Jan 2020, it is on a rise since then. However, to control and confine the disease Indian government had taken many measures including national wide lockdown from 24th March 2020. (2) Apart from other issues health has a big concern during these lockdown periods and to get medical consultation became a real threat to common public. During the COVID-19 pandemic, mandatory social distancing and the lack of effective treatments has made telemedicine the safest interactive system between patients, both infected and uninfected, and clinicians. A few potential evidence-based scenarios for the application of telemedicine have been hypothesized

Global Economy and Consumerism: An Analysis

Dr.Javeed Ahmad Bhat; Naseer Ahmad Bhat

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 5895-5898

Global economy because of COVID-19 has tanked to historical lows. It is not the first time in the world history that global community is bracing for a pandemic. COVID-19 started in Wuhan, the global epicentre of both—the virus as well as the economic bustle and flurry. After the few days of proliferation of the virus, busy streets of Wuhan were back to deserted scenes. China is currently the production house of the world. The dangers to the health sector of the countries is definitely under tremendous pressure but more worryingly, it is threatening world economy into recession. US Federal Reserve has gone for an emergency rate-cut of half percentage point. This is the biggest since 2008 financial crises. But the step seems more a knee-jerk reaction out of compulsion rather than a mature policy decision.