Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Cricketers

An Analytical Study Of Isotonic And Isokinetic Training On Endurance Of Cricketers

Dr Akansha Tyagi; Dr. Bhanu Pratap; Dr Reeta Devi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 6376-6381

The purpose of this study was to intend the effect of a 10- week isotonic & iso-kinetic training program on endurance of cricketers.For this purpose, 15 male cricketers as subjects aged 15 to 18 years were selected for the study. They were assigned into 3 groups: isotonic (IT; n=5), iso-kinetic (IK; n=5), and subjected to control (C; n=5) training lasting 10 weeks, 3 days a week. Isotonic workload consisted of 3 sets of (8 minutes each set) 40-45 repetitions/minute with 3 kg load, spaced by 2-5-minute intermission. Bicycle Ergometerwas used for isotonic training in the study. Iso-kinetic exercises consisted of 3 sets of extensions/flexions (both knees) at 180°/s, 45 repetitions with 10 torque spaced by 2-5-minute intermissions. HUMAC NORM testing & rehabilitation system; CYBEX (CSMI Norm Iso-kinetic System) through VOLANT TECHNOGY COMPANY was used in this study and the dependent variable (endurance) was assessed using standard test and procedure, before and after the training supervision. Endurance was analysed by the 12 min. cooper test and recorded distance in meters covered in 12 minutes. The data was analysed by applying one-way analysis of variance (ANCOVA). After the intervention, there is a significant difference was found in isotonic training group and no significant difference was found in the iso-kinetic & control group.