Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Human


Dr.Ravikanth P; Dr.Ramarao Mannam

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 5657-5663

In a silica particles medium, the damage to human dental enamel is examined in cyclic axial encounters. This damage has been shown to be hierarchical, impacting multiple aspects of the composition of the enamel. It contains micron-sized defects on the touch surface, which greatly improve surface roughness when abrasive particles are microinvented. Below the surface is detected the demineralisation of the enamel due to inelastic nano-scale processes. Contacts in particulate media are axial only leading to negligible macroscopic wear but can decrease the severity of the fractures1. The potential consequences of these findings are discussed in the fields of dentistry and biology.

Reviews Herbert Marcuse's Thoughts On Critical Theory

Nur Khasanah; Fatah Syukur; Abdul Wahib; Achmad Irwan Hamzani; Havis Aravik

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 6566-6575

Critical theory was one of the most phenomenal philosophical discussions of the late 19th century. The critical theory was initiated by the Frankfurt School with one of its characters being Herbert Marcuse. Marcuse analyzed various social inequalities due to the industrialization of technology capitalism. This research will review Herbert Marcuse's thoughts on critical theories. This research uses a philosophical short article, which is to study Herbert Marcuse's thinking in an ideal state. Data used in secondary data and analyzed descriptively qualitatively. The results showed that Herbert Marcuse was an inspiration for the 'new left' movement and the first generation of the Frankfurt School. Marcuse's doctrine of the political system and social system was very radical from orthodox communists. Capitalism society was the source of Herbert Marcuse's study, which was regarded as a modern society. Herbert Marcuse criticized the capitalist society that gave rise to a One Dimensional Society that was largely drugged by various false and pseudo interests. Social democracy was also criticized by Marcuse. Ideally, social democracy contains humanitarian values that uphold equality, justice, and freedom.