Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Caspase-1

Mathematical Model Of Thenfkβ Activating Interleukin-1β Through Caspase-1 Enzyme

Ramanamoorthy Kandula; Rupali S. Jain; Sandhya Kandula; B. Surendranath Reddy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2968-2986

The Caspase-1 enzyme is one of the crucial elements in activating the protein synthesis of interleukin-1β and leading its corresponding signaling transduction. On the contrary, intense signaling through IL-1β contributes to acting as an inflammatory mediator and further responsible to align various inflammatory-related diseases. We designed and developed an optimistic non-linear ordinary differential equation model of NFkβ activating IL-1β through the Caspase-1in the genetic regulatory path in macrophage cells. A representation of genetic transcription and translation of IL-1β is included in the mathematical compartment model, which is subsequently enabled by the Caspase-1 enzyme, which is a prime regulator of the transduction of IL-1β signals.In the case of body normal physiology, intense signal transduction due to IL-1β subsequently causes the regulation reduction of Caspase-1 activation through genetic control of NFKβ. The calculated parameter values from various literature held to understand the compartment model involve the rate of gene transcription and translation of IL-1β and its control effect through cellular Caspase-1transcribed enzyme level. The genetic process represented in the form of a compartment model of IL-1β signal transduction and its analysis spectacles that the positive state of the signal transduction capable of producing oscillatory convergence signal with consequent increase and decrease in parameter condition. We aimed to find how inflammatory mediator (IL-1β) is maintained within the immune cellular system and the harnessing benefit of our compartment model design and development are elaborated concerning other models of genetic control within the reviewed literature.