Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Cronbach���s Alpha coefficient (��)

Literature Review Of Cronbachalphacoefficient (Α) And Mcdonald's Omega Coefficient (Ω)

Er. B. Ravinder; Dr. A.B. Saraswathi

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 6, Pages 2943-2949

Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) is commonly engaged to measure the reliability in social, behavioural and education sciences. It is found to be observed that every study call for measuring a construct through multiple items. The estimation methods of Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) and McDonald’s Omega coefficient (ω) absolutely considers that data is complete and normally distributed. Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) relies on assumptions, whereas McDonald Omega coefficient (ω) is relying on fewer and better realistic assumption/s than the Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α). The impact of item deletion has been not observed on population reliability if Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) item deleted, but in case of McDonald Omega coefficient (ω), it reflects true population estimates of reliability through the removal of certain scale of item.Cronbach’s Alpha coefficient (α) shall be replaceable with McDonald’s Omega coefficient (ω) and it is strongly recommended to use in place of McDonald’s Omega coefficient (ω). Literature Review of Cronbach Alpha Coefficient (α) and McDonald’s Omega Coefficient (ω) has been carried out by me to implement the McDonald's Omega Coefficient (ω) concept in the analysis of my research work data/responses.This concept is applicable, wherever the responses from a sample (i.e., out of universe) is required to be collected for analysis and to conclude (i.e., to arrive at decision) at a particular issue in under mentioned study area/s and they are business management (human resources, marketing etc.), medical (virus, diabatology, aids etc.,), arts, science, engineering (civil, mechanical etc.)