Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Brown field

Approaches Towards Implementing Enhanced Recovery Schemes In Mature Indian Oil Fields

Adityam Dutta

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 3540-3551

As the proven reserves of Oil and Gas (O&G) are nearing towards its maturity phase, the production from the fields is progressively shrinking. India’s economic demands for crude oil import, especially the O&G industry has been greatly having its dependence of crude oil on the foreign nations, especially the OPEC (Organisation of Petroleum Exploration Countries) nations. However, there lies a huge potential for the existing fields of India to produce incremental Oil and Gas beyond their current recovery scenarios. Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is such a technique, which employs combination of technologies that deliver increased volumes of crude oil and gas that were earlier assumed to be beyond the scope of recovery. EOR schemes engaged at various brown fields aims at displacing the immovable oil that were so far not achievable through the conventional methods of secondary recovery. This is greatly due to the significant pressure depletion in the reservoir that follows because of continuous hydrocarbon recovery at varying recovery rates. Apart from the previous fact, crude oil is a good blend of hydrocarbon molecules ranging from C1 to C40+. This paper aims to provide an provide the impact of Enhanced recovery implementation in Indian Oil field. The work bridges the gap in comprehending the EOR techniques developed so far, the various implementations adopted by the Indian Oil Exploration and Production (E&P) companies. The paper also provides a perception on how well can India adhere to the recently adopted policies of Enhanced Recovery screening guidelines in subsiding the reliance of foreign crude imports to achieve a strong energy establishment in the world.