Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Keywords : Rural region

Comparative Study of Menopausal Age And Symptoms With Respect To Prakriti In Rural And Urban Region Of Wardha District

Dr. Priyanka P. Pohane; Dr. Priti R. Desai; Dr. Gaurav Sawarkar; Dr. Amol Deshpande; Dr. Rajni Gurmule; Dr. Manoj Patil

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 1978-1988

Background :Menopause is an important step of women’s life. It is the permanent cessation of menstruation due to loss of follicular activity The average age of menopause is 50years.In Ayurvedal iterature the term Rajonivrutti is used for menopause and the menopausal age mentioned is 50 years .The present study was conducted to compare the menopausal age and menopausal symptoms with respect to prakriti in rural and urban areas. Material and Methods: This survey based observational study included 400 females from rural and urban region of Wardha district aged between 40-60years who had naturally attained menopause. The females attaining surgical menopause and those with PID and serious systemic disease were excluded. Information was collected in structured case record sheet with all relevant attributes. Statisticalanalysis was done using SPSS 20. Result : In rural region 75% of participants attained their menopause during the age 46-50yr followed by 10.5% females in age 51-55yr.In urban region 71% attained menopause in the age 51-55yr followed by 28% in the age of 45-50yr Menopause at the age of 35-40yr in age group of 35-40 was attained by only 5.5% from rural region .No specific pattern of symptoms in relation to the particular Prakriti was found neither in rural nor in urban region. Conclusion:. The study concluded that menopause occurred at an earlier age in rural population as compared to the urban region. The association between menopausal symptoms and Prakriti was found to be non-significant