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Keywords : Dadru

“Effective management of Dadru (Tinea corporis) through Ayurveda – A Case Report”

Dr. Sneha Kishor Dhakite; Dr. Sadhana Misar Wajpeyi; Roshan Umate

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 7, Pages 1878-1886

Introduction: Diseases related to skin can affect an individual physically as well as psychologically. Dadru is one of the types of Kshudrakushta. The main lakshanas of Dadru include Kandu, Deerghapratana, Utsanna, Mandala, Raaga, and Pidakas. It is a Raktapradoshajvyadhi in which mainly Kapha and Pittadoshas are involved.Dadru can be very well correlated to clinical features of Tinea corporis which is a fungal infection.In all Samhitas repeated Shodhana is indicated in the management of Kushtha as it is Bahudoshavastha. Case report:A 40 yrs old female came with complaints of red, rounded patches with itching over abdominal and back region since 3 months was treated with Vaman therapy. Methodology: For deepanpachan first Trikatuchurna was given for three days. Following that Panchtiktaghritawas given daily in increasing matra for 6 days uptosamyakSnehasiddhilakshanasobserved in patient. After samyak siddhi lakshanaVaman was given with yashtimadhuphant, madanaphalachurna,vacha, pippaliandsaindhava,. Then Sansarjana karma was advised for 5 days. Result: Assessment was done after Sansarjana krama and significant improvement was observed in subjective parameters like in Kandu, Deerghapratana, Utsanna, Mandala, Raaga. Discussion: Panchtiktaghrit and Yastimadhuhas kaphaghna and kandughna properties so Panchtiktaghritis the best for snehpana and Yastimadhu is used for Vaman. Vaman helps in elimination of vitiated doshas thus helps in breaking samprapti. Conclusion: Vaman is effective in the management of Dadru.

Role Of Gandhakadi Malahara In Dadru - A Conceptual Study

Laxmi Kirana Pallathadka, Harikumar Pallathadka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 4603-4607

Ayurveda describes Dadru as one of the most common skin diseases. Twak Sharir is an
essential concept in Ayurveda. Twak Sharir is defined in Ayurvedic literature as having
different types of Kushtha depending on the layers of skin. Dadru is a form of Kushtha that
primarily affects the fourth layer of the skin's six layers. Dadru's clinical manifestation is
closely linked to local fungal/tinea infection, which affects up to 15% of the population,
according to modern science. Excessive severe itching and ring-shaped red patches are the
common manifestations that Darshana and Prashana Pariksha can diagnose.
Management includes Shodhan, Shaman and Bahirparimarjan Chikitsa. Among them,
Shaman measures in the form of Lepa (topical applications) are widely prescribed. In the
present study, Gandhakadi Malhar is selected as a Topical application.