Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Arif, Dr Snover Amin, Dr Moin Banday, Dr Farha Choudhary, Dr.Madiha

Effectiveness of Counseling and Motivational Interviewing with Chair Side Talk Method on Improving Knowledge of Dental and Mouth Health in patients attending dental college

Dr Snover Amin, Dr Moin Banday, Dr Farha Choudhary, Dr.Madiha Arif

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 3, Pages 5451-5454

Background: Motivational Interviewing can be used as a brief intervention to boost
incentive for patients to modify their dental hygiene habits, as well as a framework for
delivering nutrition, smoking cessation, oral health modifications, and alcohol
recommendations. The Chair Side Talk approach is a pre- or post-treatment extension
activity performed by the instructor while the patient is being treated.The goal of this
study is to determine the effectiveness of extending oral health information as well as
motivation using the chairside talk method.
Research methodology: This study employs a one-group quasi experiment approach of
pre- and post-testing. A total of 255 people took part in the study, all of whom went to
the Department of Oral Medicine and Radiology's dental O.P.D. on a single day. The
dependent variable was oral health knowledge, and the independent variable was chair
side talk method. Patients were given questionnaires, then counselled and motivated
using the chairside talk method, and at following appointments, the patient was given
another questionnaire. Using the paired t-test for data analysis.
Result: Before counselling only 20% of the subjects knowledge was graded as well, but
after counselling there was improvement in knowledge about oral health as, 81.56%
subjects were graded well, The findings of the paired t-test revealed that chairside talk
counselling was beneficial in enhancing dental health knowledge. The p-value of 0.001
demonstrated this.
Conclusion: Counselling and motivational interviewing of the subjects by chair side talk
method is an effective behaviour change method, which can be utilized in the dental
practice setting.