Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Babu, Dr. Vanamali B Seetharam, Dr. Arjun A, Dr. Sunil B, Dr. Kiran V, Dr. Sathish

Studying effect of tunnel expansion on functional outcome in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction using CT scan: A prospective study

Dr. Vanamali B Seetharam, Dr. Arjun A, Dr. Sunil B, Dr. Kiran V, Dr. Sathish Babu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2022, Volume 9, Issue 2, Pages 114-121

Background: Tunnel expansion in anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction (ACL-R) is a
well-accepted phenomenon, still its effect on functional outcome is little known.
Purpose: To study prospectively the effect of change in the tunnel volume as observed with
computed tomography (CT) on functional outcome after ACL-R.
Materials and Methods: This study conducted for a follow up of 24 months of time period
between June 26th 2017 to 31st December of 2019, after approval from ethical committee 31
patients with complete ACL tear with or without the meniscal injury were treated with single
bundle arthroscopic reconstruction using hamstring tendon graft. With common postoperative
rehabilitation protocol, all patients were followed up clinically and radiologically
for two years. Tibial and femoral tunnel volume were measured and correlated with the
clinical parameters. Radiological parameters were summarized as mean, standard deviation
and proportions as applicable.
Results: Total number of 31 patients with the average age 27.13±5.89 and pre-operative
lysholm score average of 64.26±8.93 were included in the study. At the end of 2years follow
up of each patient, 32.2% and 35.5% of patients showed grade 1 anterior drawer and
lachman test positive respectively and mean lysholm score averaged to be 86.58±5.32.
Significant difference of tunnel volume noted at the end of 2 years with a 0.837 cm3 and
0.545 cm3of tibial and femoral tunnel volume respectively.
Conclusion: Noted a significant expansion of both tibial and femoral tunnel volume
postoperatively when compared to the intra-operative tunnel volume. Both the femoral and
tibial tunnel volume showed negative correlation with the functional outcome.