Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Baioumy, Yara Ibrahim Abdel Hamid, Enas Mohamed Khattab, Ahmed Abdel Azim Isamail,Sameh Saber

EvaluationHigh-Resolution Sonography and Colour Doppler in assessment of Complicated Anterior Abdominal Wall Hernia

Yara Ibrahim Abdel Hamid, Enas Mohamed Khattab, Ahmed Abdel Azim Isamail,Sameh Saber Baioumy

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2021, Volume 8, Issue 3, Pages 4087-4096

Background: There are wide range of pathology affecting the anterior abdominal
wall which range from simple fluid collection to hernias to complex neoplasms.
Anterior abdominal wall hernias are the most common lesion of anterior
abdominal lesions. The aim of the present study was to evaluate high-resolution
sonography and colour Doppler in assessment of complicated anterior abdominal
wall hernia. Patients and methods: This study includes (48) patients were referred
for sonography due to vomiting and abdominal pain of unobvious cause. Patients
were subjected to full clinical examination and high-resolution Ultrasound and
Doppler examination and X-Ray for intestinal obstruction if needed. Results: Mean
defect size of hernia associated with bowel ischemia was 1.3±0.85 cm while the
bowel wall thickness mean was 4.1 ±0.3 mm, in contrary, the mean defect size of
hernia with non-ischemic bowel was 2.9 ±0.65 cm and the bowel wall thickness
mean was 2.2 ±0.89 mm. Among the studied group, Reduction of viable loops and
herniorrhaphy were done in 45.8 % of patients, Reduction of viable loops and
hernioplasty in 22.9% of cases, while resection and primary anastomosis were done
in (14.6) of cases. The ultrasound finding comparing with the operative data
revealed that ultrasound had 100% sensitivity, while accuracy in diagnosis of
peristalsis, bowel irreducibility, bowel thickness was ranged from 93.4% to 98.8%.
Also Doppler accuracy was 100% Conclusion:High-resolution ultrasonography
(US) is non-invasive, safe and effective and simple diagnostic tool for detecting the
presence of abdominal wall hernias and accurately detecting the contentand the
possible associated complications.