Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Anirban Patra, Niraj Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Bharat Puri,

Compare the effectiveness of between Isometric Strengthening Exercise and Postural Correction in Patients with Neck Pain

Niraj Kumar, Sandeep Kumar, Bharat Puri, Anirban Patra

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 11, Pages 7265-7276

Neck pain is second only to low back pain as the most common musculoskeletal disorder in population surveys and primary care, and, like low back pain, it poses a significant health and economic burden, being a frequent source of disability. While most individuals with acute neck pain do not seek health care, those that do account for a disproportionate amount of health care costs. [1]
Neck pain is increases with age in men and women and this appears to differ from low back pain. While in men its peaks between 40 years and 50 years of age and it is more common in women than men. Numerous studies have investigated environmental causes of neck pain4, but finding have been conflicting and no clear picture exists at present.
A convenience sample of 30 subject with neck pain randomly assigned into two groups like group A and B. The Group A subject received Isometric Strengthening Exercise and  Hot Pack. The Group B subject received Postural Correction, Hot Pack. All two groups were treated for four week.
Instrumentation For Data Collection: - Instrumentation for Data Collection is Visual analogue Scale (VAS) – For Pain and Functional rating index (FRI) – For functional  limitation/disabilities
Results- Comparison of VAS & FRI between groups was done by using ANOVA. No significant difference was found from 0 to 1 week (P>0.05). But significant difference found at 2 to 4 weeks in all 2 groups. (P<0.05)
In the present study, there was significant difference between the Isometric strengthening exercise treatment and Postural Correction for neck pain. The Isometric strengthening exercise protocol has been found to be more beneficial that the Postural Correction.
Keyword- Isometric strengthening exercise, Postural Correction, Hot Pack,  Visual analogue Scale (VAS) and Functional rating index (FRI).