Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Ameen, Nada Mohammed

The effect of physical exercises to develop speed with some offensive skills in basketball for the third stage students

Nada Mohammed Ameen

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 5, Pages 1693-1698

Recent years have witnessed a great development in the field of education and the educational process has become the focus of attention of researchers and specialists, in order to keep pace with progress and reach the best education that the educated can reach.
Basketball is a fast-paced game that is taught in colleges within a pre-prepared curriculum, whose skills should be performed quickly in line with the game's specificity.
The research problem lies in the fact that the performance of the students is slow in movement, and this indicates the lack and lack of focus on speed exercises within the lessons.
The research aims to prepare physical exercises for speed for the third stage students and to know their effect on speed development, in addition to knowledge of speed development in some offensive skills with basketball.
The researcher used the experimental method using the method of one experimental group, and it was conducted on a randomly selected sample of (4) four divisions and a number of (16) sixteen students, at a rate of 15.53%.
Pre and post tests were conducted for the research variables, and the search continued from (11/18/2019 to 25/12/2019), as well as statistical means.
The researcher concluded that the exercises led to the development of speed in its transitional and kinetic forms for the students, as well as the emergence of an improvement in some complex offensive skills. Basketball skills.