Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Ashankhodjaev, Qayum

Modern approaches in the treatment of children under three years of age with congenital clubfoot using the Ponsetí method

1Jasurbek Urinov; Akhror Djuraev; Qayum Ashankhodjaev

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 2, Pages 2572-2579

Abstract: Despite modern advances in paediatric traumatology and orthopaedics in the
treatment of patients with foot deformities, conservative and surgical strategies of cure are
nevertheless considered unsuccessful, to a giant extent if the problem is a recurrent or
justified congenital ailment of the central or peripheral apprehensive system. For the therapy
of children with congenital clubfoot we have used a huge range of treatments, including
purposeful techniques (corrective massage, TPT, carrying functional tires), fixation methods
(bandaging, staged plaster bandages), physiotherapy (electrostimulation, hydrotherapy, UHF,
ultrasound, electrophoresis, etc.). Specialized remedy included: orthopaedic (wearing
orthopaedic footwear with inlays, shafts, bandages made of thermoplastic), conservative and
surgical treatment. Analysis of the bought remedy effects in distinct age groups showed that
the major undertaking of treatment and its success depends on early restoration of anatomical
relations in the joint. Thus, in teenagers under one-year-old, appropriate diagnostics and
software of atraumatic functional methods of remedy primarily based on Ponset approach
allowed achieving good results with a significant discount in the number of plaster bandages
and accordingly decreasing the cure duration in universal to 2 months. The find out about of
the experience of cure of congenital clubfoot based totally on its cloth showed that the use of a
unique cure approach relies upon on the assessment of the severity of foot deformation. The
chosen treatment systems need to be intensive and consistent, beginning from the early
duration after birth, when the foot deformity is cellular and bendy to correction. The new
technique of surgical treatment, change of achillotomyms in accordance to the Ponset method,
allowed us to get suitable beauty result barring lowering the effectivity of the surgical
intervention. Another benefit of this technique reduces the length of the operation and reduces
soft tissue trauma in the Achilles tendon area.