Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Arivarasu, Lakshminarayanan

Marginal Integrity Around Bonded Fixed Prosthesis After Instrumentation With SubgingivalScalers And Curettage - A Review

V. Mathivadani; Venkatesh Kommi; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu; L. Keerthi sasanka

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 3175-3181

Marginal adaptation is a critical property of treatment . These summaries marginal fit in the light potential disrupting factors And underlying mechanisms in provisional fixed prosthesis treatment. Marginal gap at tooth restoration and should be sealed properly . Microbial leakage is the most important factor influencing long term success of restoration and causing interfacial contamination of bacteria through ingress of oral fluids.Complications of marginal integrity can cause micro/nano size gaps resulting in plaque accumulation, sensitivity, and secondary caries.marginal integrity remains an important predictive tool for clinical outcome at restoration margins. ultrasonic instrumentation for root debridement, on changes in periodontal clinical parameters.Microleakage is a cause of restorative treatment failure and allows the passage of bacteria, oral fluids, molecules from the restoration and cavity walls. The vibration of scaler tips is the main effect to remove the deposits from the dental surface and there will be a constant flushing activity of the lavage used to cool the tips and cavitational activity which cause disruption of the weak and unattached subgingival plaque.


Tahoora Taskeen L,; Jothi Priya; Dr. Lavanya Prathap; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2279-2288

The aim of the study is to analyze the knowledge and awareness of bubonic plague and its complication among dental students. Bubonic plague is a bacterial disease caused by yersinia pestis, symptoms of which are fever, headache, vomiting. It is spread through infected fleas. No vaccination has been discovered but can be treated with antibiotics such as gentamicin, streptomycin etc. This study involved 100 participants in the age group of 18-25 years. A well structured questionnaire comprising 10 questions covering socio- demographic information, knowledge, attitude, perception was framed and administered to the participants through online google forms link. In the current study 52.88 % of dental students were aware of bubonic plague. 54.81% students were aware that it was transmitted through infected fleas. 39.6%were aware that bubonic plague is a bacterial disease. 72% of students responded that probability is more for treating bubonic plague with antibiotics. 51% of students were aware that bubonic plague was caused by yersinia pestis. 51% of dental students had responded that swollen lymph nodes are the major symptom of Bubonic plague. 49% of dental students responded that france was the first country to be affected with bubonic plague. 44.2% students were aware that bubonic plague affects the lymphatic system. 52.9% participants responded that the probability of transmission of plague from dead animals is more. 51% of students responded that the probability of transmission from human to human is more. In 2018 Bland et al had done a study reporting that human ectoparasites such as fleas can transmit Bubonic plague caused by Yersinia pestis whereas in the current study 54.8% students were aware that bubonic plague transmitted through fleas. In 2008 Nils Stensth et al had done a study reporting Bubonic plague can be treated with antibiotics whereas in the current study 19.3% participants were aware that it can be treated with antibiotics. The current study was to analyse the knowledge and awareness of bubonic plague and its complication. This study shows 45% of dental students were aware about bubonic plague.


R. Pon Preeja; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 383-389

DNA vaccination is a strategy for securing against illness by infusionWith hereditary designed plasmid containing the DNA sequences encoding the antigen against which a resistant reaction is looked for so cell straightforwardly produce and immunised creating a defensive Immunological response.DNA immunisations have been named “Third generation of vaccines” the ongoing effective vaccination of subjects against the scope of an irresistible specialist and a few tumour models of illness with plasmid DNA vouches for the amazing idea of this progressive in methodology in vaccinology.DNA antibodies evoke defensive CD 8+ immune system microorganism reaction. Malarial naive volunteers who were inoculated with plasmid DNA encoding a malarial protein create an antigen-explicit hereditary confined CD8+ lymphocytes subordinate CTLs.Reactions were coordinated against each of the 10 peptides tried and were limited by six human lymphocytes antigen (HLA) class one alleles.DNA encoding a mycobacterium antigen gives an effective and straightforward strategy for producing defensive invulnerability and that this methodology might be helpful for characterising the defensive antigens of Mycobacterium tuberculosis prompting the improvement of progressively successful antibody .The immunisation with DNA encoding Mycobacterium antigen generates protective immunity. In future DNA vaccines can be applied to boost the immune system.


Akash .; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu; Jayalakshmi Somasundaram

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1724-1733

Soaps and sanitizers are the materials used for hand sanitation. The perception of the general public regarding the difference between the constituents of soaps and sanitizers has been evaluated in this survey. Soaps are sodium or potassium fatty acids whereas sanitizers are chemically based hand sanitation methods. These alcohol based hand sanitizers work against a wide spread variety of microorganisms but not spores.compounds such as glycerol may be added to prevent drying of the skin. Aloe vera gel has a greater impact on reducing skin dryness problems. This research is a cross-sectional study, clearly scientific investigation which was held in 2020 among the people of chennai to create awareness on the constituents between the soaps and sanitizers. 80% of the people know the constituents of the soap and sanitizers. 39% of the people are aware of the working of the soap. By the survey we can conclude the people are aware of the constituents of soap and sanitizers.

Importance Of Radiographs In Conservative Dentistry - A Review

R.Pon Preeja; Dr. J. Mahalakshmi; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 3182-3190

Dental specialists use radiographs for a variety of reasons: to discover concealed dental structures, threatening or benign masses, low bone mass, and cavities. Radiography is a methodology utilized both clinically and modernly to get data non-injuriously about the interior structure of objects. Dental radiographs reveal subtle details and help to detect extra root canals. Conservative dentistry, a treatment procedure whereby preserving the healthy tooth structure during the procedure, is inherently an alluring dental goal. Minimally invasive methodology is useful from both the clinicians and patient's perspective. Bitewing viewvisualises the crowns, posterior teeth and the height of the alveolar bone, in relation to the cementoenamel junction. Bitewing radiographs are the best diagnostic tool available for the detection of interproximal caries and assessment of alveolar bone levels .Periapical radiograph is the primary decision radiographic technique for location of apical periodontitis , treatment arranging and follow-up assessments after both orthograde root-filling therapy and periapical medical procedure. Panoramic radiograph is a panoramic scanning dental X-beam of upper and lower jaw.Panoramic Radiography is a radiological technique producing a single image of facial structure of maxillary and mandibular dental arches. Occlusal radiography can be used for assessing the periapical areas of upper and posterior teeth.They also play an important role in estimating the cyst progression. Time is by all accounts spared when changing from film to
European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine
ISSN 2515-8260 Volume 07, Issue 01, 2020
advanced imaging in dental practice, a portion decrease may not be acquired, retakes and blunders might be expanded delicate strategies in populaces that present with high caries chance.


Shilpa Merlyn Jose; A.Jothi Priya; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2268-2278

Stem cells are undifferentiated or partially differentiated cells which differentiate into various cells and can divide indefinitely to more or less the same type of stem cells. Dental pulp stem cells (DPSCs) are used to treat diseases like leukemia, lymphoma and spinal cord injury, heart failure, loss of hearing, blindness and vision impairment. DPSCs also have the capability to form clones of dental-pulp like cells. Due to its capability of changing into neural cells it can also send impulses to the brain. A well structured questionnaire containing socio-demographic information, knowledge, attitude and perception was framed and circulated through online survey links. The results conclude that the awareness of DPSCs was good among college students . Some of them knew the therapies done using these cells but were not fully aware of its properties and thus further studies can be done to increase the awareness and knowledge of the use of DPSCs.


Ngoubinah Pretty; Jothi Priya; Hannah R .; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2255-2267

Spicy things have a sharp, strong and pungent flavour. Hot chilli pepper,gastric occurs when the stomach lining is inflamed and can be caused by eating spicy food. There have been attempts to measure the effect of spicy food stuffs that might provoke or increase gastrointestinal reflux. High prevalence of spicy food in Asia may modify gastrointestinal burning symptoms in patients with Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder. The inflammation of gastric is most often the result of infection with the same bacterium that causes most stomach ulcers. Gastritis may occur suddenly or appear slowly over time. The infection is usually passed from person to person, but can also be transmitted through contaminated food or water. Preparation of self structured questionnaire circulated through online survey link. The results were collected and were represented in pie-chart. According to this result most of the population are aware of gastrointestinal problems. Further studies can be done to prevent gastrointestinal problem, Preventive measure should be taken to avoid gastrointestinal problem.


John Francis; Jothi priya; Lavanya prathap; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2236-2247

Everyone gets separated after a few days when they get bored due to that depression. Self quarantine reduces the economic development of the country. Everyone working has many responsibilities but due to this self quarantine in this lockdown shortage of money leads the country to drop in economic status. Due to self quarantine many are affected mentally, they usually get depressed and lose their peace. Cannot concentrate in what they are doing and change in their mood swings. Self quarantine Self quarantine is most useful during the time of spreading disease. This study is done with the help of an online survey. Many are used to this self quarantine. Many ill effects are there in self quarantine like obesity, due to obesity leads to myocardial infarction but other than these many useful things are occurring due to self quarantine like reducing usage of vehicles which reduces global warming. This study created awareness about the self quarantine and told how to spend free time properly


Amirtha Varshini; Jayalakshmi Somasundaram; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 390-396

Foods contain various substances which control the physiological functions of the body, modulating
immune responses which is one among the important functions of foods. Immune functions are
indispensable for defending the body against attack by pathogens or cancer cells and plays a pivotal role
in the maintenance of health. The immune system is supported by the fragile balance that comes with a
healthy lifestyle. Adequate sleep, exercise, and, of course, a healthful diet all contribute to maintaining the
body’s system of defense against illnesses.The immune system acts to guard the host from infectious
agents that exist within the environment and from other noxious insults. Nutritional deficiencies seem to
weaken the immune system leading to increased disease and mortality. Extrinsic factors can adversely
affect immune responses producing states of secondary immunodeficiency and a consequent increased risk
of infections. After all, a healthy body and sane mind is all we would like to survive the challenges of this
fast paced world. So it is important to take care of a healthy immune system. In addition to knowledge of
foods which boosts immunity, it is also important to know the foods that should be avoided to maintain a
healthy immune system. This study reviews the foods that can be avoided to maintain immunity and thus
promote the immune system.


V. Mathivadani; A.K Anjali; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1032-1042

Music reduces stress and increases physical energy, depending on the tempo, melody, and genre of music we listen to . Even from the emergency room to the physical therapy practice, music can ease stress, improve immune and hormone production, elevate mood, and reduce pain. Dentists can use music for more outcome of the patients and using music during sedation improves recovery rate after the procedure. The study aims to know the awareness among patients having anxiety during dental treatments. Cross sectional questionnaire survey conducted among dental patients . Information of question was obtained from the questionnaire using survey planets and data represented in MS Excel and statistical analysis was done using SPSS software.The results were collected and then analysed through SPSS software. Descriptive statistical analysis was carried out and chi square test was used and p value was calculated. About 86% patient felt relaxed while listening to music while compared to other time in the clinic 84% patient felt reduction in the pain which listening to music in dental clinic 92% thought that music reduces the anxiety level and distract patients while getting treated in clinic 36% patient felt anxious during dental treatments. Most of the patients feel anxious while getting treated in the dental clinics . music plays a major role in reducing anxiety . While getting treated many of the patients felt that music helps in distracting during pain .Many of the patients suggested practicing music therapy in dental clinics .


K. Sree Kala Priyadharsini; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 376-382

Accurate localization of the seizure onset zone is important for better seizure outcomes and preventing
deficits following epilepsy surgery. Recent advances in neuroimaging techniques have increased our
understanding of the underlying etiology and improved our ability to noninvasively identify the seizure
onset zone. Using epilepsy-specific magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) protocols, structural MRI allows
better detection of the seizure onset zone, particularly when it is interpreted by experienced
neuroradiologists. Ultra-high-field imaging and postprocessing analysis with automated machine learning
algorithms can detect subtle structural abnormalities in MRI-negative patients. Tractography derived from
diffusion tensor imaging can delineate white matter connections associated with epilepsy or eloquent
function, thus, preventing deficits after epilepsy surgery. Arterial spin-labeling perfusion MRI,
simultaneous electroencephalography (EEG)-functional MRI (fMRI), and magnetoencephalography
(MEG) are noninvasive imaging modalities that can be used to localize the epileptogenic foci and assist in
planning epilepsy surgery with positron emission tomography, ictal single-photon emission computed
tomography, and intracranial EEG monitoring. These advanced structural and functional imaging
modalities can be combined with postprocessing methods to better understand the epileptic network and
obtain valuable clinical information for predicting long-term outcomes in pediatric epilepsy.


Aksha sharen Arul Edwin; Jothi Priya; Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2173-2184

Hodgkin’s lymphoma (HL) is a cancerous disease that affects the lymph nodes within the human body. The location of the disease is how it is classified and diagnosed. The majority of the patients can be potentially cured with the use of radiotherapy and multi-agent chemotherapy, a proportion of them will relapse or develop resistant disease for which treatment options are limited. The aim of the study Is to determine the knowledge awareness about recent advances in the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The objective is to study the level of awareness and knowledge about advanced treatment methods for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and associated risk factors among the Indian population. A survey was conducted from April to May among 100 people in the state of Tamil Nadu, India by preparing a set of standard questionnaires and answers were collected through online survey methods such as google forms. The statistical analysis was done using SPSS software and chi square analysis was done for correlation. The results clearly indicate that 57% percent of the population is aware about the recent advances in the treatment methods for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and 42% percent of the population not aware about the treatment methods for Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The conclusion of this study is that the above statistical analysis about knowledge awareness on recent advances in the treatment of Hodgkin’s lymphoma has provided a clear view of current advanced treatment procedure and technique for the betterment of patients in future.


P. Anushya; A. Jothi Priya; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2185-2196

Dental Disease is one of globally affecting diseases. Oral bacteria involved within the bloodstream are linked to coronary artery disease, atherosclerosis and stroke. Oral hygiene plays an important role within the prevention of oral diseases, including periodontitis, cavity and oral candidiasis. Consequently, the utilization of both chemical and mechanical plaque control is suggested for optimal oral hygiene. Sodium hypochlorite it’s not only irritant to the periapical tissues but also possesses disadvantages such of instruments, blazing of surrounding tissues, undesirable taste, high toxicity, corrosive to instruments, inability to get rid of the smear layer, reduction in coefficient of elasticity and flexible strength of dentin. As well as Antibiotics like tetracycline, penicillin, amoxicillin, metronidazole and antiseptics like chlorhexidine which are commonly used in dentistry, but they have many side effects. While herbal medicine is so effective in oral diseases and has less side effects. The present study is aimed at reviewing various extracts of herbal products and their effects on dental health. The articles were collected from pubmed, scopus and google scholars. The outcome is predicted on the previous studies which debate the role of herbal products in dentistry and this collected data is analyzed by using appropriate statistical tools. The use of herbal medicine in dentistry is helpful in reducing inflammation and controlling plaque formation. From this review study, it is evidenced that Ginger, Garlic, Aloe Vera and Miswak showed better results than conventional denitrificans in dental plaque and gingival inflammation reductions. The disadvantages of using herbal medicine like Clove oil is meant to cause serious problems like pharyngitis, vomiting, cytotoxicity, kidney failures, damage to the liver, seizures, difficulty in breathing and others if used in higher doses. Therefore, the Preclinical and clinical trials are needed to gauge biocompatibility and safety before herbal medicine are often recommended conclusively for oral care.


Raja kumar; Jothi Priya; V. Vishnu Priya; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2307-2321

Dengue is especially affecting the tropic and subtropic regions of the planet . It's mainly caused by Dengue, a member of Family Flaviviridae. Four serotypes of Dengue are DENV1, DENV2, DENV3 and DENV4. 67,000 people are diagnosed by Dengue and it's been reported by NVBPCP. The aim of this study is to make awareness on risk factors and complications of Dengue virus among college students .The Survey on awareness about the danger factor and complications of Dengue virus among college students was conducted employing a google form link. We've distributed our survey among 100 college students. Then , we used a sampling method. Also, we've used statistical software as SPSS for our data. 59.05 % agreed that they're conscious of Dengue virus, 40.95% are still not aware . 58.10 % agreed that it had been transmitted by files, 27.62 % responded thanks to mosquitoes, 11.43 % responded thanks to Aedes mosquito, 2.86 % responded and still don’ t know. Awareness camps , social media , workshops , seminars could also be conducted to make awareness of risk factors and complications of Dengue virus among college students.


Yoshita Guntupalli; A. Jothi Priya; Karthik Ganesh Mohanraj; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2289-2295

COVID 19 is a strain of coronavirus which is virulent and spreads easily among humans. It has become a pandemic and has caused a global emergency. Though the death rate is not that high it is still considered dangerous. It has caused a huge impact on the global economy. The purpose of this study is to analyse the economic impacts on various sectors of Indian economy. Several relevant articles were selected, analysed and computed inorder to gain accurate information of the economic losses we have faced. National lockdown has impacted not only the Indian economy but also the global economy very severely. Many sectors such as the travel and tourism industry, the live events industry, hotels and real estate have been shut down and have faced severe losses. The GDP has faced a slight declination. The data collection and study analysis was conducted in the year 2020 in Private Dental College, Chennai.


Barani Shankar; Jayalakshmi Somasundaram; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 1541-1546

Peptic ulcer disease is a multifactorial and complex disease involving gastric and duodenal ulcers. Despite medical advances, the management of peptic ulcer and its complications remains a challenge. An accumulating body of evidence suggests that, among a broad reach of natural molecules, dietary polyphenols with multiple biological mechanisms of action play a pivotal part in the management of gastric and duodenal ulcers. The current review confirmed that dietary polyphenols possess protective and therapeutic potential in peptic ulcer mediated by: improving cytoprotection, re-epithelialization, neovascularization, and angiogenesis; up-regulating tissue growth factors and prostaglandins; down-regulating anti-angiogenic factors; enhancing endothelial nitric oxide synthase-derived NO; suppressing oxidative mucosal damage; amplifying antioxidant performance, antacid, and anti-secretory activity; increasing endogenous mucosal defensive agents; and blocking helicobacter pylori colonization associated gastric morphological changes and gastroduodenal inflammation and ulceration. In addition, anti-inflammatory activity due to down-regulation of proinflammatory cytokines and cellular and intercellular adhesion agents, suppressing leukocyte-endothelium interaction, inhibiting nuclear signaling pathways of inflammatory process, and modulating intracellular transduction and transcription pathways have key roles in the anti-ulcer action of dietary polyphenols.Polyphenols ubiquitously present in vegetables and fruits are progressively viewed as natural dietary ingredients vital for a balanced diet. Administration of a sufficient amount of dietary polyphenols in the human diet can result in perfect prevention and treatment of peptic ulcer. In conclusion, administration of a significant amount of dietary polyphenols in the human diet or as part of dietary supplementation along with conventional treatment can result in perfect security and treatment of peptic ulcer. Further well-designed preclinical and clinical tests are recommended in order to recognize higher levels of evidence for the confirmation of bioefficacy and safety of dietary polyphenols in the management of peptic ulcer


S. Shreenidhi; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 486-491

Multivitamins are directly intaken supplements that are believed to increase human health. Multivitamins thrive in providing a stable health and easier way. The urge to meet the growing population, the need to provide them with the at most health benefits has brought in the development of multivitamin supplements. The consumable products are a combination of minerals and vitamins that are packed under one capsule to bring about the health needs satisfaction. These multivitamins are consumed at variable high levels without understanding its underlying mechanism it has on health thereby the importance in the role of health is a must for which a thorough search was done in the database like Google scholar, research gate, PMC using keywords “multivitamin”,”role of multivitamin “, “general public knowledge”, pandemic situation. Articles with similar data were collected and added to the current study. It is important to know the role, consumption forms, attitude of the general public towards multivitamins especially during cases of pandemic to aslo create awareness on the side-effects caused by the intake of multivitamins under self prescribed methods


C. Prathiba Reichal; Jayalakshmi Somasundaram; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 431-442

Health insurance policies help in fulfilling the basic needs and provide financial stability. It covers medical, surgical and dental treatment bill payment. Children ‘s health insurance program and public health insurance program have benefits on children and senior citizens. Senior citizens insurance plan is valid for he people with age group of 60 and above. Health insurance policies have certain paneled hospitals that accept the health insurance coverages and that other hospitals do not. Queries are arising regarding the inclusion of COVID-19 under the insurers policy coverages. The aim of the present study is to analyse the knowledge and awareness on the need of health insurance policies and its coverages among the public. The cross sectional survey is conducted among a sample population 100. The age group sample population is 18-60 and the survey is conducted via an online portal. Descriptive statistical analysis is made by SPSS software. The results are represented in the form of a bar graphs. 43% of the sample population have family floater policy plans. Star health insurance and allied Co.Ltd has the majority of insurers among the total sample population. OPD and dental treatment are also covered under general health policy coverage. IRDA guidelines state that insurers diagnosed with COVID-19 are eligible for insurance claim. Hence, the sample population has awareness and knowledge about the need of health insurance policies and coverages. Hence,the current study culminates that the sample population has awareness and knowledge about the merits and demerits of having a health insurance plan and it is found to be statistically higher when compared with the previous research.


E. Dhivya sri,; A. Jothi Priya; Hannah R; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2210-2221

To investigate the awareness about pandemic disease between both rural and Urban populations.Self - administered questions were prepared. The questions were distributed in Google forms and hundreds of participants participated. The statistical data was analysed.Present study showed that a substantial number of participants have adequate awareness regarding an infectious respiratory illness (45% close), risk of pandemic (42.3%), available vaccines (52.3%), majority of participants (82%) would pandemics cause sudden, widespread morbidity and mortality as well as social political and economic disruption.Although there is an appropriate knowledge and awareness regarding various aspects of pandemic disease both Urban and rural population still, active interventions are required in all areas of pandemic not only to improve their knowledge and awareness regarding pandemic between both rural and Urban population adults also.


Divyashri S; Jothi priya A; Vishnu priya V; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2197-2209

Segregation refers to basic separation of different categories of waste generated at some source and thereby reducing the risk as well as cost of handling and disposal. Segregation is the most crucial step in biomedical waste management. There are 4 major types of waste, they are general, infectious, hazardous and radioactive. To create awareness among the college students about the segregation and disposal of medical waste.This study involved the segregation of medical waste and disposal among the age group of 18 to 25 yrs. A set of 15 questionnaires were framed and sent through the online google form link. The questionnaire is based on the knowledge,attitude and information about the segregation and disposal of medical waste. Among 100 medical students 77% were aware about the segregation of the medical waste & 23% of the students were not aware about the segregation of the medical waste. To create awareness among the college students about the segregation of medical waste. From that we can protect our health and environment.

Association Between Eating Disorders And Oral Health - A Mini Review

V. Mathivadani; VijayashreePriyadharsini J; Lakshminarayanan Arivarasu

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 1, Pages 2949-2954

Eating disorders (ED) represent a severe form of mental illness which poses a treatment challenge when ignored. ED is known to affect more than 13% of adolescent children and young adults. It is found to influence psychological and physical states, thereby affecting interpersonal relationships and social behaviour. The disease presentation may result in mild conditions such as chronic malnutrition, decrease in bone mineral density, gastritis to suicidal behaviour. Since there are some convergent factors that could bring about a connection between ED and oral health, a dentist will be the right person to provide early diagnosis of this condition. Hence the prompt diagnosis of the condition and early intervention. Several studies have provided strong evidence that individuals suffering from ED present with poor health when compared to non-ED individuals. The present mini review highlights the fact as to how eating disorders influence dental health and management of the same to help patients to get away from the illness.