Online ISSN: 2515-8260

Author : Babu, Mr. S.Jagadeesh

Design of Novel Plastic Solar Cells Involving Nanotechnology and Screen-Printing Technique for Maximum Energy Harness

Mr. M. Shyam; Mr. R.Sathya Vignesh; Mr. S.Jagadeesh Babu; Mr.A. Sivakumar; Ms. J. Yogapriya

European Journal of Molecular & Clinical Medicine, 2020, Volume 7, Issue 4, Pages 1389-1401

With the rapid depreciation of non- renewable sources and the counter effects caused by their extensive utilization has brought in the compulsion of turning focus towards non- renewable energy resources. With the consumption of energy being directly in proportion with the growth rate of mankind, it becomes absolutely necessary to come up alternatives that completely use non-renewable resources. With the very global demand for energy, renewable resources are fast wearing out, that too at a very alarming rate. The best solution to the above crisis is choosing a non-renewable energy source that meets the exponential demand. One of the optimal choices that is provided to us by nature is the ever available, abundant solar power. The intelligible harness of this endless resource has been providing us with a solution that is within an acceptable level. However, the production cost of these conventional silicon solar cells is quite high. Consequently, it takes quite a period of time before invested capital can be retrieved back. Hence, we propose a novel solar cell that is manufactured from plastic, using nanotechnology and screen-printing techniques. Thus, production of these plastic solar cells is quite easy and cuts down on production costs. In addition, these solar cells and panels chips in with the added advantage of being manufactured within no time and that too on a mass production scale as they are designed and produced using two latest technologies, the nanotechnology and screen-printing technique. Hence the produced plastic solar cell enables us to meet all power demands at a very low-cost affordable price margin. Thus, the proposed idea details on the intelligible design and fabrication of the novel plastic solar cells for efficient energy harness.